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Fashion Jackson ft. Rain on Fridays "Magnolia" "We're only fighting 'cause we're fucked up"

So Fashion Jackson made my brand new TSMMD playlist and it's making this review a 2 parter with their latest release “Magnolia” along with their previous release “She’s Alright”.

Photo by Athena

PT 1. Fashion Jackson ft. Rain on Friday "Magnolia"

Their latest release “Magnolia” is a collab with Rain on Fridays. This track is a slightly trippy, intentionally haphazard yet controlled mess, that goes from slight autotune all the way to video game, and it's hella cool and we probably have like 27 more positive adjectives for this song but we figured you’ve read enough (probably went WTF when you hit the word mess didn't ya? - gotcha- we love this song!). There's a very creative yet subtle use of synths and we loved it when Rain on Fridays appeared with a valley girl-esque rant that dramatically de-escalates into a slightly listless but still emotionally involved lyrical rollout. Ok - the sheer volume of words needed per sentence should tell you this song is action-packed variety and is a must listen. Check it out on our Discover: Indie Rising Playlist today (just added).

PT 2. Fashion Jackson “She’s Alright”

Bluesy rock and roll mood all the way to the core is the sound of “She’s Alright”, by Fashion Jackson. This is one of those tracks where each instrument has such a standout important place in the song due to excellent track arranging (and that includes the singer) that you can appreciate the song so much. When the guitar hits it doesn’t drown the bass or drums and vice versa. Each instrument has its own place in my ears. I must say I love the Blues, no I mean like I LOVE the Blues, and these musicians make my spine tingle. This song just hit my TSMMD (This Song Made My Day) playlist that I just started ab 2 weeks ago.

This is also a really well-produced song. They have the lyrics on Spotify as well and I can’t tell you more about the lyrics for fear of spoiling because the song is also a story. I’m on my 16th plus listening while perusing their socials, and I gotta say it’s just a piece of gold to me. Mumble Rock!

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