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Studio Help

Exterior Metal Gate

Enter the code you were provided then press the bigger button at the bottom. 

Allow the lock a second to open (this gate may already be unlocked).


Interior Main Door

Use * and then the code you were provided. 

This door LOCKS every time it closes, so keep the code with you at all times

Studio Rules

We want all members of the Cage Riot community to have the best possible experience while using our facilities. Our goal is to be good neighbors and contributing members of the community. To ensure a safe environment, we kindly request that you adhere to a few 'house rules' when using Cage Riot Studios:


  • Be Responsible. During your session, you may have guests in the room, but you are responsible for their behavior at Cage Riot Studios. It is imperative that you bring only trustworthy individuals into the studio. You are solely accountable for the room, possessions, and the individuals you permit during your booking. You take full responsibility for the room, its contents, and the people you allow in during your booking.Keep noise levels low when leaving the studios to respect our neighbors.

  • No Smoking Indoors. Please do not smoke or vape inside the studios. Breaking this rule by you or your guests will result in a fine. We have a designated Smoking Patio behind the studios where you can smoke.

  • No Drinking or Drugs. Absolutely no drugs or illegal substances are allowed on the premises, including the site and its grounds. Consumption of alcohol is prohibited outside.

  • Be a good neighbor. When leaving Cage Riot, please be respectful and mindful of our neighbors and surroundings. Avoid lingering outside the building and keep outside noise to a minimum.

  • Close the doors. Please ensure that you keep the studio door closed at all times and show respect for other studios located on the premises.

  • Air Conditioning. The air conditioning is set to maintain a climate control of 72 degrees.

  • Be clean. Keep any liquids away from the equipment and immediately clean up any spillages using the paper towels found in the restrooms. Please leave the studio tidy at the end of your session. Bag your trash and dispose of it in the dumpster on the north side of the parking lot.

  • No Food Indoors. Please use the Cage Riot patio. You will find a table with chairs available for your use.

  • Report any issues ASAP. If you encounter any issues during your session, please notify us immediately via text at 213-585-0002 or email

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