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Noah Cho “Say It’ll Be Okay” Has All The Qualities of Art As It Should Be.

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

Courtesy of FLASCH PHOTO & VIDEO @noflaschphotography

I love this sound. It’s a live drum sounding, earnestly sung request for us to make the singer feel better. It’s a slightly imperfect song - with all the qualities of art as it should be. I loved the swells and full orchestra-sounding guitars and harmonies. I was thinking how so much music is becoming cut and paste with “perfection” in it. Artists, I will say most of what I grew up on was so full of imperfections and that’s exactly what made it so great. Don’t be afraid of this method. Think of the burnt edges of a steak. What about a Picasso? If a computer came in and “fixed” all the brushstrokes of amazing artwork like this we would have perfection. But that would ruin all we had loved absolutely the artist’s masterpiece. I’m not saying today's music is not good. It’s great. Each generation should embrace and appreciate everything we hear. That’s growth. But I can’t help loving this style of song with this type of production. Listen to “Running with the Devil” by Van Halen. It’s far from perfect, yet it is the standard by which some music is rated. Anyway. Check out Noah Cho today. I also liked “It’s So Easy Just to Love You” and when I have more time I will try and get some more listens in.

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