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Arrows Closes 2023 With Acoustic Ballad “Southern Belle”

Updated: May 2

Arrows "Southern Belle"  The Cage, a music blog powered by Cage Riot
Photo Courtesy of Arrows

David Britto and the collaborative music project Arrows close out 2023 with an acoustic single, "Southern Belle." In short, it's incredible, and they absolutely crushed it with this performance—the single features Goa-based vocalist Rinaldo and Bombay-based keyboardist/producer Brent Tauro. 

The opening chords waste no time introducing an incredible vocal performance by Rinaldo, displaying sweet and beautiful notes and harmonies. The mix and mastering is one of the best ever, with the vocals floating and simultaneously massaging the guitar strings. The musical arrangement, complemented by a fun and chirpy piano, creates an elated emotional sensation while embracing the most wholesome and happy day feeling. The lyrics tell you, "You deserve to be loved, even when you are learnin' to love yourself," this song will undoubtedly bring a smile to your face that will last all day.

David Britto shares, "I present to you 'Southern Belle,' the song that broke my writer's block and one that is made with immense love, care and gratefulness. I hope you enjoy this late end-of-year postcard. Working with Rinaldo once again after a number of years was so nice, and he did justice to the song. As for Brent, I've always wanted him to produce one of my songs, and I'm glad that this one worked out; he shines throughout with his piano parts across the track."

Check out this song, "Southern Belle," by David Britto, and his collaborative music project Arrows on all major platforms today!

Arrows "Southern Belle"  The Cage, a discovery music blog powered by Cage Riot
Photo courtesy of Arrows


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