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Arrows Story Telling and Tejas Magical Vocals Delivers a Beautiful Song "Wish You The Best"

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

Arrows story telling and Tejas magic "Wish You The Best" review by Craig Claro- Cage Riot music blog The Cage
Photo Credit: Rono

I am so happy to have another Arrows project and be able to quote this AGAIN - “Mumbai-based independent music project Arrows, the brainchild of musician and music journalist David Britto, is all set to release its fifth single“Wish You The Best (feat. Tejas)” on Friday, September 30th, 2022”.

Cover Art

With a tangible textured sound “Wish You The Best (feat. Tejas)” has an immediate response from my overall sensory receptors and tantalizes so many of my senses with musical precision. I use such a pretentious collage of words because the mix gives me an almost 3D auditory feel, and emotional feel, and it managed to make me actually create an avatar cast of characters in my mind, and my own conclusion to the story as I read the lyrics along with the song. (shhh I know that’s crazy - but I LIVE in this crazy brain so for me it's just Friday!!). With instruments so clean it’s as if each one is sitting on its own spiral staircase, and then the vocals are jumping from step to step keeping our ears chasing it's next destination. BTW this song should be enjoyed on over the ear headphones because the soft strummed guitars blended with Mumbai singer-songwriter, Tejas, effortless yet powerfully thrusted vocals are a pleasure to experience (now I get why wine and cigar smokers have so many rules and suggestions this glass, that temperature - it's good no matter what, but why miss out on the FULL experience?!).

The final seconds of the song run over your mind like a waterfall into an ocean. The vocals drop from his lips, and then the same way water turns white while crashing into itself ….and then it just turns back into clear water,….the vocals evaporate and you almost want to look over your device to see where they went!!

The chorus deserves its own paragraph for its staggered and then smoothed delivery. When you get to “THE BEST” you will enjoy when you realize that you could not predict, one the way it hits, and then, two the way it blends back into the song.

The lyrics deliver a message that leaves both sadness, and a sort of admiration for the singer, because the final verse unearthed a surprise not shown in the printed lyrics, with them uttering:

Don't walk away

Don't leave this place

If you do

I wish you the best… (I’ve ever known)

I love that I can, by design, unravel a song to have the message and meaning and ending that I choose. And this song makes me feel that if this person does ultimately leave and the regret of the singer will leave a forever mark on their heart because when you lose someone like this, the pain doesn’t go away.

David Britto shares,

“There are instances in life when you meet people and immediately know that a bond between them is set to be lifelong. The song encapsulates that exact sentiment, and ensures that wherever they are in the world or whatever is going on in their life, all you want for them is to succeed and be happy no matter what.”

If you need a moment to remind you that the love you have may go away, for any number of reasons, let this song play, and then dance and hug the one you love because it will bring your emotions to the surface. Just like the ending of this song, it will all disappear one day, and we won’t have it anymore. Sorry to be so sad but I promise you I got up and danced with my love as soon as I finished this, and you should too.

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