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What is Cage Riot Publishing Administrator?


We don’t own your music; we help you monetize it.

A skilled music publishing administrator plays a vital role in safeguarding the rights of songwriters and maximizing their earnings in the marketplace. By effectively managing your song catalog, we ensure that you receive proper credit and collect all royalties generated by your compositions. With our expertise, you can focus on creating exceptional music while we handle the business side with professionalism and dedication. We do this by registering and licensing your songs with the proper entities, including Performing Rights Organizations (PROs), Collective Management Organizations (CMOs), and Mechanical Rights Organizations (MROs).   

What is a publishing administrator: A professional who supervises finances and copyright matters for a song or catalog. An administrator’s primary role is to protect song copyrights, collect royalties, issue licenses, and ensure that songwriters are paid properly. All major publishers and most independents handle administration for the catalogs they own and control internally. Cage Riot Publishing is an excellent option for smaller publishers and individual songwriters who wish to retain full ownership of their copyrights. By partnering with us, you can benefit from our specialized administration services without sacrificing your creative control. We are dedicated to supporting artists/labels like you in achieving success while maintaining complete ownership of your work. 

As music publishing administrators, we do not retain any ownership or creative control over the songs we administer. The copyright holder (often the songwriter) does, while we as the administrator collect royalties and licensing fees on your behalf and charge a 15% commission fee for our services. 

Cage Riot Publishing is a music publishing administrator. This means that we provide administrative services to independent and unpublished songwriters, including managing your catalog and collecting royalties within a global administration network.

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