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Zoe Ko, the musical virtuoso, has released, "Eat," a double single.

Zoe Ko "EAT" - The Cage, a music blog powered by Cage Riot
Photo Credit: Cameron Driskill

Meet Zoe Ko, a New York City native with a style as unique as her confident attitude! Her music is driven by electric guitar and bold vocals that resonate with the spirit of a new era while paying homage to iconic sounds of the past. Zoe's tracks are full of contagious energy that will have you dancing the night away! With each new song, she attracts new listeners like a magnet and turns them into devoted fans. 

Zoe is a highly talented musician who stands out for her exceptional creativity in an industry where originality is highly valued. She can create beautiful, unique compositions with intense emotions and unbridled energy. Her guitar strums and vocals are a testament to her remarkable musical prowess. Zoe Ko is not your average musician. She is a powerhouse of authenticity, passion, and talent; her music truly reflects that.

This vivacious and playful pop-rock vocalist recently unveiled her latest song, "DIRT," as the B-side of a dynamic and energetic double single earlier this year. The A-side, "EAT," has recently been released, making the double single available for listening.

Zoe's music is simply outstanding! With "EAT," she brings her fierce energy, flirtatious charm, and an authentic portrayal of the female experience. You're in for a treat once you listen to it!

Watch Zoe attend a fancy dinner party in the "EAT" music video.


"In the video, I've had enough stuffiness and decide to bring some energy to the party. I end up crawling on the table and starting a food fight. Eventually, you see the guests decide to let loose."


"2024 is the year of serving, giving, and working," adds Zoe. "But not in the w-o-r-k way and more the w-e-r-k way, the hot way. Like when a baddie walks by you on the street and your jaw drops kind of way. Confidence is in. Strutting is in. Being the hottest most powerful bad-ass version of yourself is in. Not giving a single f*ck about what others think is in. EATING is in." 

You can sing along with Zoe Ko at a local venue as her tour is underway!

Zoe Ko - The Cage, powered by Cage Riot
Photo Credit: Cameron Driskill

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