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You Will Be Heartbroken with LOS LEO's "Six"

LOS LEO "SIX" - The Cage, a music blog powered by Cage Riot
Photo courtesy of LOS LEO

I fell in love and had my heart broken in 14 seconds by LOS LEO and their new release "Six".

So one of my methods when I do review is I try not to read anything about the song first I just listen, because the name of the track, the visuals, and the artist name alone sometimes make it difficult to know enough to have any preconceived notion of the meaning as described by the artist. When I turned on this track, the sensitive, soft, loving, and sad sound of the vocalist immediately put me in a state of brokenheartedness. I felt like I lost someone. I knew that something was wrong and it was love lost. Even if you ignore the lyrics you know, it’s love.

This is a perfect example of pairing to me. It’s not just being sung, it’s being elucidated vocally.

LOS LEO says, ‘Six’ explores the themes of leaving someone you adore and placing the reunion in the hands of fate.

Well after reading this, I can tell you 1000% - this song sounds exactly like it came right out of a bruised and barely beating heart longing for fate to correct this star-crossed connection gone astray.

The choice of LOS LEO to deviate from the standard musical supporting track is outside the norm and got my attention. It tells me a lot about the artist and that they not only like this style of music but can send the message of love with an EDM-esque track. EDM and love songs are not your everyday event. Further down the song, it picks up and starts to feel like the track is floating and then I get hit with mostly an a-cappella and beautifully sung (followed by again the not normally placed on a love song “EDM BOOOOM drop) “I don’t want to fight this. Living in denial”, LOS LEO sings. Honestly, it’s exciting to hear this song because I’m just so expecting guitars and soft piano. It's an audible plot twist thicker than your refrigerated ketchup.

Then the track runs away, gaining speed and fullness, and goes big like a love song and just falls off.

It just disappears even faster than it appears .... just like this love affair did.

I want you to check out this new track ‘Six’ by LOS LEO today. It's a definite listen.

LOS LEO  "Six" - review with The Cage, a music blog by Cage Riot.
Photo courtesy of LOS LEO

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