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Townsend's "Responsible" Brings a Heart Breaking Moment.

Updated: May 31, 2023

Craig Claro reviews Townsend's Responsible - The Cage, a music blog by Cage Riot
Photo: Frank (@phrankdesign)

This song, "Responsible", has a brave and fresh perspective. We all want things and sometimes the selfishness of our desires leads us down a path we didn’t intend. Our guilt at least shows we possess the empathetic side that typically is what is needed for a healthy loving relationship.

We want a physical experience but haven’t held up this emotional side, creating a void in our partner's heart who then expresses their discontent, and the happiness is suddenly gone.

We feel but we repeat the cycle anyway.

This song (it's a performance that feels live if you see the YouTube …and I implore you to go there first) that carries the power of a heartbreaking moment for at least 3 people.

Townsend, the object of his affection, and then us, the listener. What I appreciated most was the vulnerability and ability of this performer to admit being “responsible”, and then telling us, all while we will undoubtedly will be internally saying…. “come on… you’re in love just drop your guard and take a chance! (That’s why you feel so guilty!!)”. As far as productions go, it’s a stellar recording of a beautiful voice and piano accompaniment. The video is as basic as you can get BUT delivers in a very powerful way which also makes it awesome. Watch this!!!!


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