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This song is about a woman by a woman, there’s not enough of them out there". - pure xtc

Erika and Taylor Hughes (pure xtc). Photo by Adele Sakey

A powerful quote by pure xtc, "This song is about a woman by a woman, there’s not enough of them out there. What I thought was a lost love came back into my life, we were able to let go of our “Old Wounds” + start fresh. I really hope to help represent other LGBTQIA and couples cause we need more visibility outside of pride month."

There’s something powerful about getting over our past experiences and moving on. “Old Wounds” is an amazing audio and visual depiction of love with having old wounds. This song speaks to me by making me feel that anything that can heal us and allow us to move forward in the sometimes impossible task of just literally existing, is as powerful or more powerful because it’s what saves us. These lyrics really mean a lot to me,

Cut me open you need to see it

So far down I’m at my weakest

If you’re brave you’ll try to mend it

But once you’re in you can’t unsee it

There are those who see us cut open and accept us for our faults, our deep emotional scars, etc (the list goes on and on for some of us) and those who accept that about us are angels and saviors of the world. pure xtc’s representation lyrically and visually is akin to a piece of artwork in a museum. It’s much more than a song. Its message is simple. It’s so simple and how this artist delivers it is proof that the message is real and true. With a beautiful singing performance “Old Wounds” is a turn the lights down, light a candle, and listen. FYI - you have to see the video - it brings to songs impact up to 1000.

This song is proudly distributed by Cage Riot Music Group.

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