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The Thing With Feathers, a Nashville band’s pop-rock single has an enchanting appeal.

Photo Credit The Gray Hall

The Thing With Feathers is an alt-rock, indie pop band from Nashville. A randomized jumble of four: David Welsch (vocals), Sean Caroll (bass), Alex Hendricks (lead guitar), and Chris Roussell (drums). On their debut“ Figure It Out”, a sophomore single, released in May of 2019 the band takes comfort in pop-sensitive rock sounds, leaning on to the guitar-driven ideas, with punchy bass lines. The band paced themselves with more inventiveness, amping the guitars and bringing back the rock impressions of the past.

The Feathers paint a charming way of their ideas embodying the punk ethos of DIY through their music. Using the eccentric, electric energy as its palette the band unpacks their dream world. A catchy, pop sound “Don’t Break My Heart” their latest release, revels in a pop-rock foundation. The lead guitarist Alex Hendricks neatly sets up the tone with a catchy guitar hook, accompanied by a head-bobbing bassline by Sean laid over powerful drumming by Chris, David then comes in with his vocals “She said I’ve got a couple of reasons” which gets the song going.

Photo Credit J.C. Robbins

“Don’t Break My Heart” has its own way of relaying the message seemingly an attempt about holding on to the one you love by combining the verses. The chorus then moves into a soft longing, exploring the complex feeling of not wanting to break away.

“[Our music] is an invitation. It’s empowerment, a call to something greater, a belief in something more, but most of all it’s hope”, Welsch says.

The Thing With Feathers has a quirky swagger coupled with stellar musicianship resulting in quality tunes. The Feathers know how to make a pop song. They’ve got a perfect vehicle to do it as a band. With a catchy hook and punchy bass line “Don’t Break My Heart” is a well-executed record. Released as an exclusive on Apple Music on July 22nd, followed by the release on August 12th on Spotify and other major streaming platforms.

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