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Summertime By Angel Vile is Wet And Wild And So Much More.

Angel Vile  "Summertime" - The Cage, a music blog powered by Cage Riot
Photo courtesy of Angel Vile

Classical piano “tinkles” set the stage for an excellently performed musical arrangement. This song sounds as if it was recorded all together because it moves like an ocean. Yes, ocean water moves all at the same pace, but you can’t quite time the frequency the waves will actually pass over the sand. As kids…we ran from the waves but it catches us and tickles our toes, and that, just like this song - makes you smile at moments you didn’t expect. Probably because this song absolutely expects a tickling of a totally different kind.

The influences of Diana Ross's “Muscles” come to mind, with the gentle moans that are supporting Angel Vile’s angelic, yet naughty expressions throughout. The suggestive word should be taken VERY lightly as there is no need to imagine the movements and actions of the actors in this verbal dripping wet romance because the lyrics perfectly dictate the motions of the passion.

Vile shares, Summertime tells the story of a sensual summer romance. Subtly hinting about how i was swept off my feet in the middle of a 'hot girl summer'. Can relate right? Ever had plans to paint the city red and ended up cuffed?

With a gentle, whispery, and sultry sound, we were genuinely impressed with the vocals Angel Vines bequeathed in this seductive exhibition. The R&B goes beyond feel and paints a mental “texture” making you think sexy, hot, and sweaty, but still elegant. Did this whole encounter begin possibly at a swanky event by two strangers? Angel Vile told us to tell us how it makes us feel… and we just shared it with you. Give it a listen and bring someone along to tell you (or show you) how it makes them feel. A couple of glasses, lights down, and leave yourselves a few hours because this song isn’t in a rush, and neither should you.

Angel Vile "Summertime" - review with The Cage, a music blog by Cage Riot.
Photo courtesy of Angel Vile

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