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Sasha Prendes latest single "Losing My Mind" is personal and sexy!

Updated: May 31, 2023

By: Craig Claro

This is a sweaty hot song! Sasha Prendes’s voice has a Destiny’s Child element that’s hard to miss. I haven’t seen a music video, if there’s one, but I can bet it would be hard to make it anything less than explicit. The story is explosive and I hear her dilemma, but honestly can’t feel bad for her because this song dictates how the amount of pleasure she’s receiving is equally as good as the pain. If we could all be so lucky to at least not be just plain sad sometimes!! It’s the beat combined with the excellent vocal timing that wins me over with this. Vocals are an instrument in my book and swirling the lyrics around the beat like a candy cane is a talent that can make babies over the airwaves. Nice track...use it next time you are in a similar situation.

Striving for authenticity within her work, Sasha experiments with her sound, melodies, and harmonies. She is always working towards producing music that is enjoyable and accessible to everyone. She hopes to be able to tell a story with each song, and to be an artist that people can relate to; someone whom makes her listeners feel empowered and understood. Her music seems to have an underlying message that no matter your background or situation, the experience of simply being human-- of living and loving, is a universal experience, and something that we can all relate to, understand, and help each other through.

Listen to "Losing My Mind" on Spotify or your favorite streaming platform.

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