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NOSHOWS Feat. LA Rapper AUD and Their New Release “Slow Up”

NOSHOWS feat AUD "Slow Up" - The Cage, a music blog powered by Cage Riot
Photo courtesy of NOSHOWS

Rap morphs and contorts from hip hop’s typical intense message, to tell us to just chill out, with this track from Max Satow’s project - NOSHOWS Feat. LA rapper AUD and the new release “Slow Up”.

From the jump the sound literally makes your brain think you are going up and down like the hydraulics in a LA low rider at a car show. There definitely were a few hours in the artist’s creative process all the way to engineering invested to create this audible Jedi mind trick.

Waking up out of bed we meet the protagonist and we hear “Everybody movin too fast too slow” NOSHOWS wants to tell us we are over-stressed and it’s all unnecessary. This is a great message and I kinda honestly needed it. We all get caught up in things and we need to just “Slow Up”. For years and maybe a decade, it feels like we lost the connection between accepting the fact it’s normal to experience an array of emotions on a healthy level, to analyzing and hyper-reacting to anything as if it’s doomsday unless we are experiencing pure bliss. Every single moment around friends or especially on social media is spent venting about feelings rather than finding a way to accept these issues are natural (of course if in balance). I appreciate the helpful message and there seems to be a genuineness and sincerity mixed into this also mildly comedic video. It made me feel like, well I woke up after yesterday- so today CAN’T be as bad as yesterday …and sometimes it will be…. but it all cools off. From now on I will think “SLOW UP” dude and accept it and move on!!!!

The visuals of the video are of NOSHOWS in a room that looks like Pee Wee’s Playhouse on acid. We see an array of mind-bending audio twisted into chopped-up video images. Then we are swiftly brought into the world of AUD our featured artist taking the mic. Audley - ummm …talk about being dealt a dope name. It starts off with AUD(io) and then living a life in what is described as “Odd” by herself, carrying out the legacy of this name bestowed at birth is pretty iconic in itself.

“Though ‘Slow Up’ has a pretty intense groove, I generally see my vibe as laid back, and I was blown away by the fiery energy AUD brought to the track, which added a whole new and important dimension,” says Satow,

AUD drops us some thought bombs like “If you got a problem with me I won’t know” - I love this - we are being told we are irrelevant if we got beef so move along!!!! Plus the body and hand movements are literally something to try to keep up with.

Continuing with this gumbo of visuals I loved the final message quoted from Bob Marley “don’t bring sand to the beach”.

This song gave us a funky ass lesson on how to cope with mental health!!

NOWSHOWS feat AUD "Slow Up" - review with The Cage, a music blog by Cage Riot.
Photo courtesy of NOSHOWS

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