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Nashville's Majeska New Single and Video “Please Wait, Saving...” is Pure Art

Majeska “Please Wait, Saving...” The Cage, a music blog by Cage Riot
“Please Wait, Saving...” by Majeska (cover art)

Majeska “Please Wait, Saving...” carries the message that history repeats itself, and if you join in, you will likely be its victim, possibly twice.

Musically this song goes from sad and beautifully performed to scary and heart-wrenching. The pianos clean but then "smears" so slightly, leading the thumping drums. I was enticed and fully entertained by the breathy and full vocals of Majeska. They feel as if they are literally in the center of your brain and eating at the middle of your skull that somehow feels empty and void of anything but this song. There is a synth or horn or manipulation of the vocals that is seamless and rises up like a knife ready to slash (2:40) and this is an anchor moment of this thriller. It returns to its pianos at the culmination of the song and drops away with a slight echo and you want to stand up and clap. Excellent drama and substance of song. If ever a movie needed a song, I think the movie should be made around and because of this song. This song's dragging piano notes are worthy of a second mention, such great foreshadowing from moment one. It was impossible to predict the next note or sound making this creatively like a roller coaster in the dark.

Visually we start with images of legs and a somber woman on display like a purse in a store with no price tags.

"Am I just a dopamine hit at the end of your shift I'm so tired of that shit" ..... "baby how's your wife" - this is intense. It sometimes is still a painful thought to be reeled in by love, to then realize, and wonder if we are just a meal for the shark (lover) we are in love with. Can a shark love anything or is the meal (us) just being prepared slowly? The slight head movement paired with a death stare is an intense, powerful, and imposing visual threat, a shitstorm likely imminent. Tremendous display of acting plus outstanding movie-like shooting and editing.

The images of the display subject appear and the slow and subtle posing show us even when we know it will end badly, we still have 1% hope it will turn out well, so we continue our performance. Maybe my love will be requited, is likely the thought.

The onlookers all holding phones represent a world of nonstop streaming of information and the circling mob shows how our life is on display as the unending feed, especially at our lowest moments.

The subject crouches and this moment gives me shivers.

Photo Courtesy of Majeska

This transfers to sadness when the hands bang on the glass and scream in pain.

The mob, who are just weak souls using us as a sacrifice, making us suffer so they can remain in the mob safely away from being the focus themselves.

We see an image of a person licking the glass, possibly to represent the person sexually gratified and enjoys consuming our images in ways we never expected or gave permission for. (solely an opinion of this writer).

Then as the focus subject struggles to rise, the mob continues its emotional onslaught. It's ironic, the mob doesn't appear happier. They don't even realize they are just stuck in a holding pattern themselves, none using their mind or hearts to save... only destroy.

As the subject "dies", so do they, for the victim has expired, and now very possibly and likely... one of them is next, and the cycle continues. They will be history in the literal sense and possibly of the written kind as well.

And it all began with one's heart falling in love (our subject on display) ....and just wishing for love in return.

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