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Moon Projects/Republic Artist Em Beihold Live with King Princess on The Hold On Baby tour!

Em Beihold  2022 Tour -The Cage, a music blog by Cage Riot.
Courtesy of º1824

LA-based artist Em Beihold’s career has shot up like a shooting star, and so she had no choice but to become one. Going viral on TikTok with a video of her song “Groundhog Day” garnering over 20 million views, she has been rising in popularity rapidly and deservedly. With musical explosiveness and a charisma for miles, seeing her on the “Hold On Baby Tour!” was fresh, exciting, and new. Em Beihold is a palate cleanser in the music scene today and she brings her unconventional influences which are at the intersection of Regina Spektor, classical and jazz music, to weave together an innovative project that explains why so many people are gravitating to her right now.

Em Beihold  x  Cage Riot
Photo Credit: Ariha Vaquera

Em Beihold’s music is constantly surprising us with every line, both in the lyrics and instrumental sense, you never quite know what’s next- and her live show was no different. So effortless on stage, her warm and soft voice both commands and comforts the room at the same time. In between songs she states, “I wanna talk feelings and give you a hug.” Em’s candor in topics such as anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and existential crises’ accompanied by her upbeat music makes her live show a therapy-session-dance-party wrapped into one. It’s seldom you come across an artist that is as personable as they are talented; in both her artistry and her ability to connect with others. Getting the opportunity to be barricade was an amazing introduction into her music, I could feel the welcoming energy radiating out of her washing over the crowd.

Em Beihold x The Cage, a music blog by Cage Riot
Photo Credit: Ariha Vaquera

When watching her hilarious and campy music video “12345” off her most recent EP release, “Eggs In the Backseat” (which I have been streaming non-stop) the message is that she is teaching her fans how to get over a panic attack; I noticed a comment from a subscriber that said, “Em, your music comforts me so much. I was close to a breakdown and this video helps me process my pain. Thank you for being a part of my comfort.”, and that’s what makes watching Em Beihold so incredibly special. It was so special to see her perform, and I am beyond excited to see where she goes next.

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