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Meet the Sprints. This Female-Fronted Meteor Ball of Fire Will Scream the Lobes Off Your Ears.

Photo: Ste Murray @ste_murray

Ok, so this made my TSMMD (This Song Made My Day) Playlist. I’ve been in and around indie clubs since my first one in 1985, La’Mours in Brooklyn NY to see a little band called W.A.S.P. opening for another band you may know called Metallica. I was there to see W.A.S.P. I hadn't yet tasted the Gods to be - I was 14) If I ONLY knew to take pics lol. FYI -my MOM took me in her 1971 Dodge Dart. She’s the reason I love these bands (and the Platters too). None of my friends in the 8th grade liked heavy metal, at least I had my cool AF mom. Anyway, I’ve always loved metal, punk, classical, disco, rap, and anything that's played, sung, written, or smashed with emotion and heart. Now add zero fucks given and we go to a new place. Hardcore music is only great or it's not. If you do it wrong, it's bad, end of story.

Enter the Sprints. Dublin. Punk. 0 Fucks. 100% Kickass.

This female-fronted meteor ball of fire will scream the lobes off your ears and you will ask for more because it’s the real deal. The band's shredded delivery is only more powered by the drummer's mind-blowing speed. This isn’t a band that is influenced by anything, they are just, they are just, the Sprints.

Let’s save the words on this one and let the track forge itself.

I recommend this song. Like a good Harley, it's probably been dropped once or twice, but all it did was gain character and is worth more.

Hey, Sprints…thanks for the real deal jam to bring me back.

Listen to another song here. Watch their official music video"Modern Job", and follow their YouTube Channel


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