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Magnetized By This Vibe of Worry Club’s Creation "Pretty Face".

Updated: May 31, 2023

 Worry Club’s Creation "Pretty Face". review by Craig Claro, The Cage a music blog by Cage Riot.

By Craig Claro

Love the aesthetic of this artist. The first paragraph of a written story is supposed to be the “setting”, and give you a sense of the characters, their emotion, and the conflict of the story (for those of you who were awake in English Literature). I must say from a marketing standpoint I instantly knew what this artist's “setting” is. The name, the album artwork, the Instagram, the lyrics, the comments all point to a mood that fully supports the sound. This is huge because for someone who is “tasting” your music for the first time the easier your message is made the better right? CAGE RIOT wants to see every artist succeed and this artist has made it easy for the listeners and that equals success. That’s the end of Music Business class.

So let’s talk about the music of this artist. I was also really magnetized by this vibe of Worry Club’s creation. This super chill but full of energy feeling song depicts a person’s general unhappiness and malaise - but what really struck me was the vocal styling. Whenever a song starts I always anticipate the direction the track is going (think B Jovi opening “Shot through the heart!) and no matter how many times I restarted this song the opening lyrical swell - right after the opening guitar - caught my brain off guard. Great technique and display of musical and vocal orchestration that continues through the whole song. It's a great listen.

Check out Worry Club!

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