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Live Laugh Love smashes elements of pop, rock, and queer expression....

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Sizzy Rocket album review- The Cage, a music discovery blog by Cage Riot
Live Laugh Love artwork

Live Laugh Love smashes elements of pop, rock, and queer expression into an unapologetic listening experience.

Los Angeles based electro-pop-punk act Sizzy Rocket is back with her

4th LP titled Live Laugh Love. Born out of unapologetic expression and a raw creative pulse, this record finds itself with 15 tracks that demand multiple listens. The record includes tracks like “Rebel Revolution” which features anthemic distorted vocals and an infatuating beat. Other tracks include “Wendy's Parking Lot”, the title track “Live Laugh Love”, and “BUBBLEGUM” which is accompanied by a music video in collaboration with Worst November.

Sizzy Rocket’s DIY approach and identity driven lyrics are not the only impressive things about this project. Her vocal performances and mix of hard rock-pop with more emotional ballads creates a great balance throughout the forty-two minute runtime.

After creating the project, she took to twitter to say “there is power in picking yourself back up after everything falls apart and reclaiming your love for your own life. Laughing it off. moving on.” Additionally she added, “i will always remember this era as the one where i picked myself up off the floor threw some glitter on and fucking slayyyyyyyyyyyyed.”

Slayed she did indeed as she poises herself in a position that will make her one of the genres next stars.

Sizzy Rocket review by The Cage, a Cage Riot music blog.
Photo by Worst November @worstnovember

You can listen to Live Laugh Love on all streaming platforms NOW. Checkout Sizzy Rocket’s Instagram to keep up with her. Additionally, watch the music videos for “BUBBLEGUM” , “Rebel Revolution” and “Wendy’s Parking Lot”.

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