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All Poets & Heroes Spark Introspection and Shift Your Perspective with "On and On"

Updated: Apr 25

All Poets & Heroes - The Cage, a music blog powered by Cage Riot
Photo courtesy of All Poets & Heroes

The indie rock band All Poets & Heroes releases a single, "On and On," putting life into perspective. We are all taught to live the American Dream, put ordinary life on hold, chase something more significant, and observe how the world continues to move forward, with or without you. This soulful track will leave you introspecting and looking at life differently.

Although compared to Radiohead because of its soul-stirring melodies, I wholeheartedly agree that they share a similar creative ethos with Radiohead. However, they have skillfully created their unique musical realm and sound identity, much like the iconic band itself! Undeniably, every poet and hero possesses a distinctive voice.

The band shares, "Most of us grow up being told that there's a way to live our lives - house, car, kids - the American Dream. We have nothing against that life, but we're putting that hold to chase a different dream and as we get older, the more eager the world seems to be to keep spinning on and on."

For nearly a decade, Rob McCall and Corey Jordan have been collaborating on songwriting, creating a collection of work that delves into life's intricacies. Their music spans diverse genres, from soaring anthems to psychedelic grunge, delicate ballads, and shoegaze influences.

Now based in Nashville, TN, the duo continues to release new music with the support of bass player Nashua Robb, drummer Kevin Whitlock from Central New York and producer Erik Brauer from Los Angeles.

All Poets & Heroes - The Cage, powered by Cage Riot
Courtesy of All Poets & Heroes

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