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K4YLEE Carries Her Heart in a Tube Amp Set to 11 with "FADED MEMORY".

Not your average broken-hearted love song. K4YLEE carries her heart in a tube amp set to 11 with FADED MEMORY, this (pop-punk) rendition of her letting go of love when she doesn’t want to. With inspiration by the likes of Taylor Momsen, this artist wants to rock it with heavy guitars and blazing drums.

If “indie” had a description it would be K4YLEE. Forging ahead in genres that are not as brimming with female lead vocalists is the purpose of being indie. Being allowed to write your own story and control the narrative is indie. Let’s not forget it’s not a “genre” because really, it’s a method.

Her cover of “Take Me Down” on YouTube shows she has the vocals to carry this style of music. Having a great voice in rock or punk-pop is generally not necessary. Stop. You know what I mean. Rock/punk is raw. We don’t want perfect, we want it to be rough around the edges. K4YLEE somehow manages to walk the line of a vocalist who would perform well on any of the “win a singing competition shows” - but also has raw and edgy vocals all at the same time. So this made for a good listen and made me want to hear more. I poked around on her Spotify and she’s raw and pretty hardcore with some kick-ass songs.

Check out this artist - proudly distributed by Cage Riot.

Watch this clip of Take Me Down. Wait until the end, it's so good!

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