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Jack Romero Releases Highly-Anticipated and Relatable Queer Banger, “Into Men”

Photo (Instagram) Jack Romero

Rising indie singer-songwriter, Jack Romero, continues with his legacy of amplifying queer stories through his music with his recent, highly-anticipated single release, “Into Men”. The song pulls inspiration from other queer artists including Lucy Dacus, Girl in Red, and Mannequin Pussy. The gritty guitar and singable, catchy melody will make anyone want to dance and will get stuck in your head for days on end.

Into Men is a song based on a true personal experience Jack had with a close friend of his. After developing feelings for him, Romero began questioning his friend's sexuality and in turn skewed the image of their friendship. The track is one of the more vulnerable songs Jack Romero has written, and details an emotional struggle that many members of the LGBTQ+ community relate to. Being in the LGBTQ+ community myself, hearing the experiences Jack went through gives me a sense of relatability and relief, and it reassures me that queer voices can and will continue to be shared through something so precious.

Says Jack about the single, “When writing Into Men, I wanted to capture the simplicity of our connection while sonically expressing the raw desire I had to get closer to him. It is essentially a scripted out diary entry of what I wish I had the guts to say. Maybe this will make it easier if I ever have the courage to tell him.”

Jack Romero recently performed the song during a set at the SPARK! Visions & Voices 17th Annual Kickoff and Arts Fest at the University of Southern California. After being invited to perform and remarked as being a voice for promoting LGBTQ+ acceptance and normalization, he engaged the audience with a thrilling set that had people singing and dancing. The crowd particularly responded to Into Men, many coming up to him after the show and asking why the song wasn’t on Spotify yet. With the song finally released last Friday, Jack is excited to continue being a source of inspiration, relatability, and solace for his fans through his music.

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Photo credit - performance photo (Instagram) Jack Romero

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