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Introducing "Friend of Mine" - the Latest Release by Tree & the Sea

Updated: Apr 25

Tree & the Sea "Friend of Mine"  The Cage, a music blog powered by Cage Riot -  Craig Claro, Editor
Photo courtesy of Tree & the Sea

Tree & the Sea released “Friend of Mine.” With a '70s Johnny Mandel and Simon and Garfunkel-esque appeal this song when read along with the lyrics is in itself not nice as one might expect a song about friends to be. It's about truth in emotion. The truth is that we feel one way but carry on another and deal with what we have to because we must. Strife within its poetic descriptions and robust with sensations this song really hits you hard reminding you that love is gone, and we can't stand that person anymore, but how much we still miss at least parts of them and that makes it hard to fully let them go. This song made me realize, that old flame is like a sack of uncooked rice. As much as the rice will sustain our lives, it is cumbersome and painful as it wrenches our backs and wears us out as we carry it, and yet two hours later the aroma is so sweet and it fills our bellies and we realize how much we missed it. This song begs the question. Is this what love is? Does love come with as much grief as it does solace?

When listening and reading the lyrics - I didn’t believe the literal meaning of this iteration at all;

I felt the vocal delivery told the complete opposite and very beautifully:

Don’t call me about the weather

Don’t call me if you ever feel like you’ve lost your way

You are no friend of mine

WOW, this person is MISSED - A LOT!

And then we carry on to hear:

You’re just the smell of a cigarette

And every perfect sunset, that burns

As red as the first flower in May

Drunk off April rains

Drunk off April rains! This is poetic art! This song was an extremely well-written and performed description of a person having to live within the purgatory of love which is literally living on the border of hate (or at least immense distaste). But is it better to have loved and lost...... Listen to Tree & the Sea’s release “Friend of Mine” and you will be thinking hard about the answer your heart expresses. Tree & the Sea are Faisal (vocals, guitar) and Emily Abid (vocals), with friends Brad Goff (electric guitar, bass, and organ), Yoed Nir (cello), and James Brownlee (drums). This beautiful performance has no standout as each and every component is incredibly delivered to a blend that results in a swirling and slow-moving wind that carries your emotions to a new place. Check out Tree & the Sea’s “Friend of Mine” on all major platforms.

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