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Hotel Fiction's Sophomore EP "Enjoy Your Stay" Defines Their Style.

Hotel Fiction -  The Cage, A Global Music DIscovery Blog
Press photo by Sydonne Blake

The Sophomore EP from the Athens, Georgia captures the electrifying sounds and moods reinventing the past making it sound fresh again.

Subtly and beautifully Hotel Fiction are chiseling their way and brilliantly reintroducing dance rock music. The Athens, Georgia-based duo endeavour with new sounds, making them sound simple, easy and uncomplicated. With a rock like dance-music framework Hotel Fiction manifest music that would get you off of your feet and make anyone bop and rock. The duo is fáilte reminder that old & new genres together make something special, in a way reinventing music.

Hotel Fiction have released their sophomore EP “Enjoy Your Stay”. A confident and assertive piece of art defining their style, their music and their emotions. With songs featuring creative flourishes, groove, nostalgic moments they certainly have caught the right cords. The songs give you a sense of elevation spiritually as well as mentally with a mood boost. “Allure”, for example, stands out for its 90s and early 2000s guitars, straightforward drums, strong baseline. The chord progression is smooth and polished. The guitar tones are mysterious, puzzling. There’s a piano and synth playing at the back that conjure an intimate atmosphere. The vocals stand out powerful and dynamic.

Their songs illuminate aspects of rock music and bands such as “Stereophonics”, “FUR” that may go a little under the cover. Opening with an ode to their home, “Athens, GA” that sets the glistening tone for the project. “Man On The Moon” is another single where Hotel Fiction shows of their propensity for painting luminous soundscapes for heavier topics within. A track like “I Like You Around” is a callback to a simple Rock arrangement with synths and keys at the back, tuneful vocal melodies, and mystifying guitars. Hotel Fiction are a band that are direct and know how they want their music to sound and feel. Elsewhere on Monster, the track is an emotionally gravitated soft song, meaningful and yet powerful all at once a different kind of modern age band, that ask for extensive and deeper meaning to life through their music. Leading in to the closing track “Instead Of Us”, a sweet and mournful track that opens with a nostalgic church organ, unfolding itself into a full display of emotions, sensations, passion and vocal range.

Hotel Fiction Sophomore Ep - The Cage, a global discovery outlet by Cage Riot
Enjoy Your Stay EP artwork painted by Jade Long

Prior to the release of Enjoy Your Stay the band released singles “Monster,” “Man on the Moon” and “I Like You Around.” These releases were featured on Spotify’s New Noise and Fresh Finds Rock editorial playlists. Hotel Fiction also released an official music video for “Monster” that they co-directed alongside Stephen Payne.

The piercing guitars tones, Jade’s dynamic vocals, groovy-punchy bass lines, effortless drums and synths are the mainstays throughout the EP, enthralling and fascinating. Hotel Fiction capture the electrifying sounds and mood with their sophomore EP, “Enjoy Your Stay”, every song in the EP takes on a different perception of emotions and moods, which is plain sailing. Everything is held together, loud and clean. Hotel Fiction sound like a band that go on forever sailing on their journey of music, far-reaching. While their music feeling powerful and safe.

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