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Heidi Pack Gives Us a Lesson in "Karma"

Heidi Pack "Karma" - The Cage, a music blog powered by Cage Riot
Photo Courtesy of Heidi Pack

Heidi Pack gives us a lesson in “Karma” and it’s a bitch so watch your P’s & Q’s because revenge is a dish served cold (or hot and steamy with YOUR / HER - lover - ok read on - this one has some twists).

Heidi Pack made me look over my shoulder and I felt a little guilty for maybe not letting that one car pull into traffic yesterday because of this song I’m now officially hyper-nervous about “Karma”. I’m literally a little ‘shook’ at the sensation of “Hell Hath no Fury” feeling this song delivers. You know when someone is SOOO super mad they are stoic, yet resonate loudly... and they are mono-toned, yet give the hairs on your neck a rise? This is the revengeful and eerily sensation of fulfillment that Heidi gives us with this unique and outstanding vocal presentation. It’s sung so effortlessly but has a very imposing result. If I was to add my own one-sentence synopsis it’s - You stole my life and my ex but I got you back you bitch… you had your chance so guess you just now need to be schooled.

The musical supporting track really disseminates an audible message that something is seriously amiss within this protagonist's mental state, and wrong is about to be righted. It’s dark, bassy, and full of harrowing synths and harmonies. The guitar solo is a definite highlight (add wowowwooo sounds here). Also, it’s perfectly produced to match the singer's performance and was mixed and mastered very well.

I get serious “Joker” vibes from this. There’s not one ounce of happiness (even after the revenge). It’s almost as if Heidi is just even and feels nothing now. There is a fuck ton of apathy though (yes I'm contradicting myself). You see, I envision Heidi in a room, alone, possibly applying makeup slowly and looking at herself in the mirror absorbing her own message. “Started living her best life when she took over mine” Uhhhhh …I am absolutely rattled by these lyrics. How can you be so calm if someone does this to you…? I am so glad I’m not involved in this love triangle because the ugly ending is going to create shockwaves.

There’s a slight chuckle in the first minute that’s the kind you might hear right before the torture begins if you went astray of the mafia or other “rough jacks” (oh thank you, Greg Hirsch). If you have been wronged this song will likely feel really really really good and I recommend you check it out today.

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