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Global Discovery | Meet Sarabean

Sarabean "Digging Holes" - The Cage, Global Music Discovery by Cage Riot

Our latest discovery Sarabean and her single release "Digging Holes".

Sarabean's music is a kaleidoscope of indie folk/singer-songwriter with elements of melodic storytelling. She is an Eight-teen-year-old American singer/songwriter/producer. She is influenced by artists such as Tom Rosenthal, Bleachers and Portishead. She was born in Seattle WA and is currently located in Portland OR.

“Digging holes” is about trying to find contentment in religion but never finding it on top of trying to burry unnecessary guilt of being homosexual that I’ve tried to reverse due thinking it’s wrong.

Under the name Sarabean, Sarah Holland has been releasing tracks since 2019. It was her Music Technology and Production class she attended in High School that inspired her to start producing her own music. She has experimented with different sounds and feelings throughout her calling.

Her small but slowly growing fan base has flourished into a mini-community that she cherishes. She connects with many of her fans who find themselves in her sound. Her homespun beats and bounceable vibes give Sarabean her buzz-worthy flow.

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