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Global Discovery | Meet Reble

Reble "Bond Fission" - The Cage, Global Music Discovery by Cage Riot.
Photo Credit: El Dhar @el.dhar.8

Meet Daiaphi Lamare aka Reble. She is a 21-year-old rapper from Meghalaya India. Her biggest inspirations are Eminem, Biggie n Andre 3000. Reble wants to inspire and help out other people get through their struggles because she's been through a lot herself. She is very much focused on the lyrical and technical aspects of rap but she also believes that it's more important to make a song that connects with 21-year-old people. Reble has always wanted to inspire more females to step into the Indian rap scene.

"'Bond Fission' is the lead track off her debut EP Entropy. Reble says, "It's about breaking free from all the negativity and moving forward in life. I wrote the song to empower myself. I believe that we keep learning as we go and there is no end to that as long as we're alive. I wanted to experiment with the instrumental and the rhyme scheme. I guess I just wanted to do something a little different. This song also had a lot of details in the mix and we took quite some time to figure it out. It was a beautiful concept to work on overall."

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