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Fond Of Rudy's Latest Release: "How Do I Delete You?" - A Must-Listen!

Fond Of Rudy "How Do I Delete You" The Cage, a music blog powered by Cage Riot
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“How Do I Delete You?" by Fond Of Rudy got me with the title - and got me again when I actually listened to the track.

So reading the title alone of this song set me off!!! “How Do I Delete You?”, by Fond Of Rudy got me in a mental helicopter tailspin just by the tracks TITLE!!

The name alone totally denotes a new normal in the world. A long long time ago, like 1999, social media was still budding and not that prominent. If you wanted to break up someone you would think to….lose, dump, or get rid of them and that was it...don't take their calls. Today we have to DELETE the pics, emails, texts, posts, threads, shared playlists, shared streaming accounts, and mostly all things digital. And I was like, HOLY SHIT WE ARE MORE DIGITAL THAN FLESH (why does flesh all of a sudden sound so gross?)

The band shares, "This song delves into the haunting struggle of letting go and the torment of digital reminders that refuse to fade away. It's a haunting exploration of the darkness that can consume us as we try to move forward. We believe this track will strike a chord with our listeners, resonating with the depths of their own experiences and emotions."

Alright, the song has sooo much more to it so let’s get into it. With a beautiful rolling guitar intro the song has a full and boisterous feel. It really has the breadth of an orchestra. Following this we have a drop and then some very cool digital ear candy with “oh oh” surrounding a beautifully sung opening. “I’m just trying to figure out how to delete you” he exclaims (remember that monumental task we talked about?). This song will be absolutely amazing live. It’s full and has drops and just roars right back at you. I’m assuming that someone somewhere is now writing a screenplay and this song overshadows two lovers in the scene and one is (alone in the rain / sitting by the phone / crying in the car or other place we all weep when are trying to overcome the emotions of heartbreak) and the name of the movie will be, yup yup, you guessed it... "How Do I Delete You?"

On my 4th listen in a row of this track I find that its engineering and flow just adds to the final execution of this really well packaged performance. “Your voice is echoed in my mind” is the lyrical portion of another drop and I really think the balance of the highs and lows and the ability to sense the change in emotion by using the drops in the arrangement to accentuate this really won me over.

Fond Of Rudy "How Do I Delete You"- review with The Cage, a music blog by Cage Riot.
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