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Experience the Mesmerizing Melodies of Jane N’ The Jungle's "BED OF ROSES"

Jane N' The Jungle "Bed of Rosesr" The Cage, a music blog powered by Cage Riot
Photo courtesy of Jane N' The Jungle

Jane N’ The Jungle, aka Jordan White, brings us a collage of sight and sound with "BED OF ROSES". The visualizer opens dramatically with a director calling “Action”. A visibly distressed protagonist is covered in flowers that are glued on, and adorned with distressed lipstick smeared across their lips and face. Bass-filled guitar fills your ears with a rumble, and then from out of nowhere an ambush of gritty guitar fills your right.

"Bed of Roses is an artistic risk I was scared to make, but gave in to showcase a new version of myself." - Jordan White

A virtual bed of roses covers the background screen and the energy of the song intensifies. The lyric “Milk and Honey you’re cold as ice”, is sung with an emphatic, yet graceful tone and tells us this isn’t likely to have a happy ending. Visually this song caused me to fixate heavily on the screen, excited for the next moment as they continued to ambush me with sound. Ambient but imposing drums seemingly hover over me while also aggressively creating an exhilaration much like a roller coaster. The drums momentarily break and the guitars screech whilst the vocals sing, but it all feels like a painful cry of anguish. One of my favorite parts is the final chorus’s repetition when the voice breaks and releases what is probably the culmination of a pain much deeper than we can see or hear. In a virtual “running” the band enters again with a bum rush full progression of sound as if it’s here to save the day. The ending visual edits are perfectly placed and create a thrilling sensation. I was definitely excited to watch this and went back again and again. Sometimes the most tiny and minute expressions can fill your eyes as if there is no more room left to fill and yet you still crave more. The release is following the success and critical reception of their previous single, "Wasteland" and will be featured on their upcoming EP,

Recorded in Phoenix, AZ at Cosmic Soup Studios and collaboration with Maxamillion Haunt (The Haunt) at his studio, mixed and edited with super producer Chuck Alkazian at Pearl Sound Studios in Canton, MI.

Jane N' The Jungle "Bed of Roses" - review with The Cage, a music blog by Cage Riot.
Courtesy of Jane N' The Jungle

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