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LA's Megan Winsor Brings Us "Sure" a Twenty-something Anthem

Megan Winsor "Sure" - The Cage, a music blog powered by Cage Riot
Photo courtesy of Megan Winsor

Megan Winsor's "Sure" is a soulful tune that echoes the universal sentiments of 20-somethings - feeling lost and uncertain about the future. As young adults are bombarded with the message that this is the best time of their lives, they can't help but feel unsure and lost, with constant reassurances like "You'll figure it out eventually."

Winsor says, "I wrote 'Sure' on the first day of my 9-5 job, thinking this is it—I am no longer a musician but a corporate robot. However, fate had different plans, and the company eventually let me go after just a month. It was a sign from the universe to record an album, and now here we are."

When listening to Winsor, you may think if Maggie Rogers and Hayley Williams were to have a love child, she would be it. A prodigious artist and songwriter, she is a gem unearthed from the SoCal sand. Her music, deeply influenced by iconic artists like Lorde, Ben Howard, Taylor Swift, Fletcher, and The Lumineers, is an enchanting blend of catchy melodies and profound lyrics wrapped in a unique pop/rock sound. Winsor's music has an irresistible allure that commands attention - it's impossible not to keep eyes and ears on this emerging artist.

Megan Winsor "Sure" - The Cage, powered by Cage Riot
Courtesy of Megan Winsor

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