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Experience the Celestial and Digital Sound of POSTERGIRL Latest Release “Operator”

POSTERGIRL "Operator" The Cage, a music blog powered by Cage Riot
Photo credit Aggie Cherrie

POSTERGIRL lands on our minds, verbally, with a celestial and digital sound, and the release of “Operator”

If I could be like TRON and live inside the wires and digital hard drives, I would imagine my audible surroundings to be this song. I found this song to be very unique and its beginning is as if we are hearing the sounds of data transmissions in space. Space being the distance between the RAM and hard drives we somehow have come to exist in (I may be writing a screenplay here too!).

The lyrics are so well aligned to this track, they combine two meanings, the expressions of the singer for the value of the words, and the sound of each word almost mimicking the aforementioned data transmissions. To start with the lyrics, they feel as if we are experiencing some sort of final acceptance of life's pain, and the Operator is being called upon (literally and figuratively) to help POSTERGIRL learn if she is as the lyrics say - "Wasting my time". I really liked the images these words created in my mind. How many times are we thinking to ourselves, and trying to determine, how much bullshit do we have to deal with today? Is there an Operator somewhere out there who can take our call to tell us if this is just another moment of life's hardships we must endure and experience the disappointment it will likely bring AGAIN?!

The second part of the lyrics is the method of P0STERGIRL's sort of sounding like the supporting track. The digital (bee bop wop - leave me alone -how does one write these sounds?! - they are super unique. You try!!!) - anyway the words are sung but virtually wrapped around the sounds. Yes, the pitch and volume vary in a similar high / low / high low fashion where it's robotic, yet still a very melodic dissemination. I absolutely love it. I think this is very creative and well-written, with obvious absolute intent by P0STERGIRL to create this sensation. I would almost compare the vocals to that of binary coding. It's there or it's not - yes, the levels of the sung words somehow still have highs and lows (good job btw), but they also feel as if they are trapped in a tube racing toward the opening, all while glowing, and in my mind it's a clear tube with a green light. That's how vividly this sits in my mind (yes Mom - I'm 100% sober atm).

P0STERGIRL aka Marnie is an artist and tarot reader from London, UK and she worked with producer Al Wade as a co-producer on this song. The official music video, directed and produced by David Marvelly (Corvax) released on 14th July 2023. Filmed beneath a car park at David and Marnie's place of work. I am anticipating its release and I think you should be too, so check 'Operator' by P0STERGIRL today.

POSTERGIRL "Operator" - review with The Cage, a music blog by Cage Riot.
Photo credit Aggie Cherrie

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