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Experience the Brilliance of Ellie Madeland with "BODY AFTER BODY"

Ellie Madeland  "BODY AFTER BODY"  The Cage, a music blog powered by Cage Riot
Photo courtesy of Ellie Madeland

Ellie Madeland, an alternative pop/indie pop artist, releases “BODY AFTER BODY” and envelops thought and emotion.

We checked out this new release from artist Ellie Madeland and it begins with thundering bass that is very exciting and intriguing. Following this intro are Ellie's soft, but filled with emotional vocals. Listening to the lyrics we are getting the sensation that this is about promiscuity and its exciting sensations that are typically and unfortunately followed by overwhelming negative consequences doled out by the same humans we only moments or hours before enjoyed so much. We hear, "I'm having body after body and I'm just relaxing", but the words and the essence don't match what Ellie is telling us. We envision unhappiness and feel a sense of deception through bad actors. It feels very personal and you can tell this story comes from a place of personal experience. I felt a connection to this release immediately because of the imagery of the track's artwork.

Seeing the multiple hands and faces strewn and intertwined makes the title “BODY AFTER BODY” carry an immediate message before even hearing the track. I loved the foreshadowing and visual concept this paved for my brain. It was a brain appetizer (yes we are all thinking "app-teaser" -so there - I said it). I enjoy the opportunity to unbox the artist's creation and unravel its message one image, note and lyric at a time, great work on this one. Ellie Madeland's presence on this track is everything from soft and breathy to powerful highs and the sense of angst creates such a beautiful end result to this thought-provoking performance.

Ellie Madeland  "BODY AFTER BODY"  The Cage, a music blog powered by Cage Riot
Photo courtesy of Ellie Madeland

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