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Eraste Turns Emotions into an Opposite Day Serenade in Her Latest Release “habits”

Turning emotions into an opposite day serenade* soliloquy with a beat, Eraste goes on an emotional journey and we love the extremely poetic and well-written lyrical expressions. There is a rare lack of standard “hard rhyming” (is that a thing?) in this track that you can almost overlook or think it’s not rhyming, yet you feel a pump or flow to the lyrics so strongly. It’s as if the rhyming is the orange zest of the song; you know it’s there… but it doesn’t control the song, and you would immediately notice if it’s gone. The supporting track is practically unnecessary (meaning the lyrics really hold up the song) but the beat did increase my anger and heart rate while I realize her point is, “why did they do this?!”. How come we wind up having to ask this question to people right?! The assertion and declaration of “I’m so mad” in the lyrics of Eraste’s “habits” is so awesome.

“habits is a song ripped straight out of my tear-soaked journal. I wrote this alone, and I wanted to place the listener right in the middle of my memories. It's a painful experience to lose someone who was intertwined into creating who you are, like the song emotionally questions, ‘Who am I if I'm not the one you wanted? Who am I if I'm just all of your habits?’ habits is anger tinged with sadness and nostalgia-tinged with pain. It's the feeling of losing someone you created so many memories with, and so it feels like losing the memory itself. It's almost like holding on to a version of a person that doesn't exist anymore, like holding on to something that's already gone.” - Eraste

Being hurt sometimes comes with a sulky feeling, but this feels like the start of a stand where even though she is saying “don’t leave me like this”, somehow it feels like this is the end of the pain and a sense of acceptance has set in. How does the song make you feel?

This track is a great listen and proudly distributed by Cage Riot, check it out today. Get in the Cage! Stream Indie Music.

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*(this definition needs a gender overhaul @New Oxford Dictionary)

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