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Empirical Rap Ballads, Connecting Experiences and Strengthening Artistic Bonds, LOCS “Settle Down"

LOCS latest release SETTLE DOWN, featured in The Cage, a music blog by Cage Riot.
LOCS - Photo Credit: Anna Azarov

By: Darryl Paul

Empirical rap ballads, connecting experiences and strengthening artistic bonds from within, LOCS draws influences from his roots. With the modern underground rap landscape blooming, he has certainly preoccupied himself with creating pensive raps, growing and learning with each new release. It’s this framework that’s solidifying LOCS on the global rap scene. He’s been crafting and designing his music and is surely making waves, leaving a strong impression.

And now showcasing his potential, the latest single “Settle Down” exhibits his presence and artistic ability more than ever. Melancholic writing style, straight-up truth, and completely unfiltered all of these abilities set him apart. Starting with reverby vocal chops that play, has a hook, and an electric guitar chord progression playing underneath that’s sweetly haunting. And then he comes singing, “Sitting alone in the dark of the room/ the better I feel this way….” All of these pockets into layers of keys & synth. The drum beats got a lot of mileage speaking for itself, keeping the song grounded. Lyrics that absorb life lessons that foster self-doubt & self-reflection. His voice-layered and structured, filling in the blanks. Taking his incisive vocal deliveries up a notch. His ability to make words come to life is one of his many strengths.

Shades of R&B production pop out with “Settle Down” which blends seamlessly giving it his own touch. The song encapsulates a groovier side of LOCS. It captures his versatility and range across his genre. Exquisitely straightforward and uncomplicated, LOCS brings the right tweak that flourishes his abilities. His presence is attractive enough to hold the attention of listeners.

Bolts of guitars sampled drums, pensive lyricism quietly storm all at once flooding the arrangement, delivering something sage-like. He’s absorbing all that life’s teaching him and sprinkling it on his songs. A therapeutic way for him to deal with ups and downs. His delicate observations and unwavering focus always keep his songs standing high like two big pillars. LOCS 'range as a performer is ever-growing and “Settle Down” is proof displaying his growth.

LOCS, The Cage a music blog by Cage Riot

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