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Emei Demonstrates What We’re All Feeling With Cathartic Single, “Regrets”

Emei -  single, Regrets - The Cage, A Global Music DIscovery Blog
Photo credit: Ryan Clemens @ryanleeclemens

“Lying in bed counting regrets….” Everyone has felt that feeling of restlessness at night as you lie in bed with a million thoughts swirling through your mind. If you haven’t felt like this before, I’m jealous (and teach me your secrets). But if you have, you will relate to alt-pop singer-songwriter Emei’s recent single, “Regrets'', which encapsulates the struggle of pushing past regrets and intrusive thoughts and the frustration that comes along with it.

Through this release, Emei continues with her legacy of creating catchy tracks with clear cut lyrics and a bold tone. Although the lyrics bear more weight than usual, she never fails to back it up with an upbeat instrumental and an intense, heavy-rock chorus ending.

Emei "Regrets" single off EP "End of an Era" - Cage Riot
Photo credit: Ryan Clemens @ryanleeclemens

Says Emei about the single, “Regrets was inspired by one of my night time journal entries consisting of a brain dump of every single stupid regret I’ve had, It starts with a light-hearted sarcastic list and it devolves into all the things that I shouldn’t have done and the things I wish I could change. Though at first a slow ballad, it eventually hits a peak paralleling my frustration with myself.”

“Regrets” was the last single leading up to her debut EP, “End of an Era”, which was released October 26th. Also included on the EP is the hit track, “Late to the Party”, which has amassed over 5.8 million Spotify streams and originally gained traction through a viral live performance on TikTok. If you enjoy listening to “Regrets”, be sure to check out the rest of the EP!

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