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We talk to Rosie Chadel about "Goldfish" "The song is actually an idealized version of myself."

After hearing the song “Goldfish” by Rosie Chadel, we got together with artist Rosie Chadel because we wanted to know more about this really intriguing song.

Cage Riot: Hi Rosie, we felt this song has a dark, almost antagonistic message. Can you tell us what motivated you to write it, and what if any message we missed?

Rosie Chadel: Honestly, this song was never meant to be super deep. I tend to overthink everything, I deal with a lot of anxiety on the daily, and this track, it almost started out as a joke, until I realized I actually liked it, told myself not every song had to be so serious, and decided to release it.

So I’m sorry to say, you probably haven’t missed anything, there is no hidden message, it’s just meant to be fun and a little stupid

CR: Well a lot of songs started out as a joke and wound up somehow famous. For instance “Loser” by Beck, or “Smells like Teen Spirit”.... that came from a friend making fun of Kurt. I guess what I’m saying is that great things can come from seemingly insignificant or trivial sources.

CR: We wanted to clarify if you are the protagonist in the song? (If not please tell us who is and why you wrote about them)

RC: Yes I did write those lyrics from my own point of view, but it’d be more honest to say that the protagonist of the song is actually an idealized version of myself, an alter ego almost.

Confident, bold, and carefree, there is a part of me in this song, I just wish she’d come out more often.

CR: Well that’s the essence of some “actors” craft is the “method” form of becoming or wanting to become someone else. I believe musical artists are just actors with their vocals and instrumentation. When you sing, play an instrument and then add a video - voila - it's a MOVIE!!! So you telling me that even digs deeper the songs conveyance of your feelings. OMG I hope I don’t sound like a counselor!!! What I’m saying is that your feelings match up with the message I got from the song before I knew you were going to say that; so you executed your expressions perfectly. We think that makes for an excellent listen.

CR: Is there any particular person(s) or type of person the song is targeting?

RC: I don’t really think I’m targeting anyone, but when writing the song, I did have in mind a specific situation. As a girl, when you go out, you often meet guys, who love to buy you drinks all night long, because they’re expecting to get something in return, and get really petty and disappointed when they don’t. And I just think it’s really funny and totally okay to take advantage of that and watch them get mad. (as long as you know you’re safe of course)

CR: I have heard this bar scenario many times from people in my life. It does seem like it's an unwritten and forced expression to give a gift, then be mad that you don't get exactly the intended result without the recipient having agreed prior. Not cool.

CR: Most people have the ability to be cold and dark, as this song's character is depicted, all while most people have also been the target of a song like this. Do you think making a song about it can help people deal with or associate its message from both perspectives?

RC: I don’t think being cold and dark is necessarily a good thing though! That’s why I tried to make this song light-hearted by throwing little jokes in there, even with the title, I chose it because it sounded so ridiculous and I loved that.

In one of the first versions of the song, the lyrics to the chorus went something like « you should know I’m not the one / tears in your eyes / you’re doing too much and I don’t know why » but it sounded way too dramatic so I changed it to something rather more ironic and silly.

If it helps people in any way, I hope it’s by realizing that not everything needs to be 100% serious all the time (and I hope I can also learn that myself)

CR: That is a good way to live, life is serious enough we do need a break!

CR: What is something about you that you hope fans can learn that they may not already know?

RC: That I’m fun?? Just kidding.

But maybe that I'm taking my confidence back. I hope they can see that I can, in fact, write about something else than the sad, heartbroken stuff. And I hope that helps them feel better about themselves and show that we all deserve to move on and have fun, and become that idealized version of ourselves that already exists in our mind.

CR: I love that ideology, we do need and appreciate this style of songwriting. Moving on and being happy is an important part of living for sure.

CR: We all try to define or describe artists, but if you had less than 50 words to describe your musical journey what would it say?

RC: I only really need one : chaotic.


RC: I guess every artist’s story is unique, and mine had its share of struggles along the way.

The story I love to tell is, a very close friend of mine introduced me to my current producer after they met through tinder. We were up to a non-conventional start, which suits me because I mess up a lot.

There were times when it was really lonely, because as an indie artist, I’ve had to carry it all on my own. My personal life has also been quite bumpy these past few years, and as I’m quite transparent in my songs, I get to watch myself grow through my projects, along with everyone else.

CR: So many people will associate with that message and I’m sure that it will make them (us) feel better.

CR: What song of your collection is your favorite?

RC: I think my favorite one would be « Pluto ». Which is bittersweet to say because we’ve had issues with the person doing the mix/masters at the time, and I feel like it is a beautiful song that deserved so much better, but at the time I wasn’t experienced enough to do anything about it.

I like it because it’s the most personal song I’ve ever put out. It’s sort of a love letter; even though it’s quite sad, I still think of it as a love song, and I like to tell myself that one day I will tell the person that I wrote it for, that it’s about them.

CR: Ok that's sweet. Some people write letters to their future self with instructions and this sounds like it will be something wonderful when you have the right one to sing it to!

CR: So what else can we look forward to hearing from you?

RC: I am currently working on an EP which is really exciting!

I wish the process could be quicker but I really want this to be the best it can be.

But it should be coming your way in the first half of 2022!

CR: We will be looking out for it!

CR: Check out Rosie Chadel today on our New Music Monday Playlist on Spotify.

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