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Charlotte Sands Latest Release Story of Losing Someone

Updated: May 31, 2023

By Craig Claro

Charlotte Sands, Keep Me Up All Night, has a bluesy rock and roll sound that’s soft, yet solid as a punch all at once. The track has a very current sound but somehow also reminds of the 90’s.

(All of the 90s is like that one day on the beach you can still smell to me…the whole decade had a feel you can’t forget. Funny it literally ended in 1999 as Prince was probably predicting lol -but that’s not important rn)

With a head-held high tone, this artist’s lyrics tell us a different story of feeling tricked and having a defeated soul. They can’t sleep because of the worry the ex-lover is up all night too… but another girl is the one they are awake for. :(

I always appreciate the power of a well-crafted musical story.

Plus she brought a bed to the desert! But that’s a huge spoiler!!!


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