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Sexy is the look and sound with Haiden's latest release "Okay ok k".

Haiden. Sexy is the look and sound. This song, "Okay ok k", has all the makings of an awards show performance. It has a modern classical sound and a broadway style dramatic relationship struggle over the minutest of details. What else makes better entertainment?

With just a taste of Timberlake, and vocals that stick on the beat like a Porsche on the pavement, it’s a 90s fusion with a full order of pop and a pinch of…rap? I struggled to leave that out and every time I listened to this song that word is what rose up, so, I’m leaving it in. The hook is charming and hypnotic. The part that I absolutely loved is the modern take on classical music sound. I love classical music. We all do even if you don’t think you do. It’s in every movie score, and cartoons, and so many TV shows since - well forever. This sounds like an epic modern presentation that I really appreciated. Then we get emotionally charged vocals with a tremendous falsetto.

The sound is sharp as a knife and is, “radio ready”. The single artwork is appropriate because Haiden carries the force of a boy band but all by himself.

Lyrically the song is a great representation of how it’s easy to be told we are the problem, just because we can’t decipher the manic methods of a partner’s complicated text expressions.

Well produced and mixed and the overall presentation is excellent!

Listen to "Okay ok k" and follow Haiden on Instagram for updates for his next performance and release. @byhaiden


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