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“Call My Name”: Eleanor Kelly's Empowering Music to Dance Away the Pain

Eleanor Kelly “Call My Name” The Cage, a music blog powered by Cage Riot
Photo courtesy of Eleanor Kelly

Eleanor Kelly releases “Call My Name” and it's a way to dance away the pain.

Leading a full and remarkable sound is Eleanor Kelly, who plays and programs all the instruments, sings all the vocals and has created a track full of explosive riffs with an alluring chorus on this new release ”Call My Name." If you don't deep dive into the meaning you might just dance, which is great too. Something that makes this song so attractive to me is the fact that Eleanor Kelly makes me want to dance to a song about sadness. It’s not a gleeful emotion that’s invoked though, it’s one from pain, but it’s cathartic and promotes the releasing of more than just sadness, but a sensation of being freed from our emotional relationship prisons.

Eleanor shares, “What better way to mourn the ending of a relationship than to dance the pain, exhaustion, and fear away?”

I loved the part where the harmonies are presented as responses to the vocalist... very cool and almost how my brain feels when I am torn in my mind from within! The Cure 80s-90s post-punk new wave influences are sprinkled within this song but the song stands alone and is unique in its own right. It is perfect for the hardcore fan of these genres because it’s an honest and genuine performance that is instantly recognizable. I adored Eleanor Kelly's vocals. They slide out and transitioned so perfectly into the guitar riffs that are so gritty and raw. After a long break from music, she started this solo project in 2022 writing and recording this in her mini bedroom studio. Mixing provided by Matt Chiaravalle and Mastered by Joe Lambert.

Eleanor says, "The song tells the story of a relationship that is being kept together by a very thin thread. It focuses on the feelings and struggles of loneliness, fear, and anxiety that are brought on by this relationship, which is obviously coming to an end, and the protagonist's willingness to fight for something that they know may be better if it ended."

Raw and emotional is this fun track. Check out “Call My Name” by Eleanor Kelly today.

Eleanor Kelly  “Call My Name”- review with The Cage, a music blog by Cage Riot.
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