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Bryce Fox's "Strength" Has No Weaknesses

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

Bryce Fox is everything. Sticking to his insane style it’s a sound that makes me think maybe Bryce needs therapy or at least the music needs a leash. I can tell you this, the artist is on fire again. If I list a genre I’d be leaving one out. With a wandering and erratic arrangement compiled with screams that bring hints of Tyler J this pop-rock (yes I said some genres syf lol). After those genres - disco rears its head in “Nasty” (the remix) -again syf!!!

If a big pile of cocaine, speakers too big for your car, strobe lights, and whisky neat for breakfast could embody a human, then I bet it would be named Bryce Fox. He screams - Nobody’s perfect anymore so he wants to be your “Golden Boy” and he doesn’t give a fuck.

FYI - I saw the headline in the promo email in my inbox that said “this is the best thing blah blah blah” and I opened it like I open all my emails but I may never dismiss a tag line again.

Go fucking listen. I’m not asking.

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