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Brigetta Released a Romantic and Reflective Single "MAD"

Bridgetta sought to center her relationship experiences in her new twinkling, fizzy pop single “Mad”. Her songs are dense with the continued theme to look at the world as it comes to entering into a healthy relationship, with a sense of disclosure. The pop singer-songwriter makes something of a song that’s glossy and unfiltered, a wink to a past relationship.

There’s an easy appeal to her song where she dangles these many thoughts; reflection and acceptance is a shortcut to her finding the right notes to complete the song. Brigetta focuses so much of her music on the experiences she’s had before and puts her vulnerability to good use in a very artistic way possible. “Mad” traces a breakup she had in the past that leads her on to write a song.

“Mad” is a song with intriguing ideas buried throughout, with the pop singer wailing her voice over a fitting drum beat, as she hurls the phrase “I always had to tip-toe around you, I’d say something wrong tik, tik, Boom, blowing up over stupid shit”, in a way carrying a her internal monologue. With tidal waves of synth pads playing in the background laying the foundation, with a bass missile keeping the groove and a piano knitting everything together. There are shades of melodramatic electric guitars that play at intervals filling up the empty spaces making it even more full. “Mad” is song that delivers something close to an upbeat pop song with treats to your ears with some fun-loving, frisky and playful lyrics.

Brigetta takes a jab at the pain of a failed relationship in a very amusing and buoyant way. The Nashville singer songwriter who has a tendency to feel deeply about love is intent on conveying the intensity of all those emotions she feels through her music, which she has done with her latest single “Mad”.

Every so often there’s a comfort in her songs that all her listeners can connect on a certain point, which makes her even more beautiful as an artist.

She says, “Mad” was written about my ex. He was an angry person, who was always upset about the dumbest things, but when I broke up with him, he wasn’t even mad about it... I thought that was ironic and wrote a song about that.”

Since her first release, Brigetta has continued to grow and share her catchy, feel-good music. Brigetta has grown her catalog of collaborations with artists like Dylan Brady who co-wrote on her EP titled “Kids”; Brady was also featured in the song and video for “Kids”. Some other collaborations include Phangs (“Dry Eyes”) and Jake Scott (“How Did We Get Here”), both achieving over 1 million streams. Brigetta has also been featured on NBC's Songland for the debut of “Be Somebody”.

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