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Berlin's Fedbo Delivers An Intimate Sound With "A Thousand Doors"

Fedbo "A Thousand Doors" music review in The Cage, a music blog by Cage Riot
Photo Credit: Yufeng Guan

"A Thousand Doors" by Fedbo is in the room with us … live maybe? With Fedbos varying cadence to the vocal conveyance, we are gently rocked (not the “rock” we usually reference but I’m not there yet give me a moment), we are gently rocked into a calm, much like the feeling of floating in the ocean. The kind of ocean when the waves are only big enough to barely ride over your nose. Fedbo’s gentle and sandy voice easily produces a beautiful falsetto that also added to the gentle “rock” I persist in refusing to explain to you. This song's production feels very “live” and emanates as a very intimate sound. I felt as if the artist was right there in the room with me. So close in my mind I can see the venue lights cast across the microphone. Listen intently for the minute imperfections of a live room recording. To me, it seemed intentional and was additional proof of this artist’s ability by saying without saying, “I will give you the sound raw and deliver my creation the way it comes directly from me”. The “flaws” sometimes wiped away in the creative process, proved to be a beautiful part of the fabric that makes up the feeling I got from A Thousand Doors. “I knocked at a thousand doors just to find myself at the very start” was a standout lyric for me. It’s a lyrical description of the rinse-and-repeat cycle of life we all have come to accept. Now for my explanation of “rock”. This song doesn’t try to outdo itself, it actually represents how simplicity is the essence of some of the best creations. “As the night goes by you make a lullaby”, Fedbo sings to us, and this song has all the earmarks of a lullaby. It does so by using the most basic of musical melodies properly constructed to create a beautiful sound that “rocks” like a rocking chair or baby in a parent’s arms, which to my memory is one of the most calming yet stimulating sensations this world has to offer. Bravo! If you have a need for calm and want to hear a wonderfully performed song, then you have to listen and add "A Thousand Doors" by Fedbo to your playlist today.

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