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Ben Murphy Drops His Rock Infused Single "The Edge"

Ben Murphy "The Edge" - The Cage, a music blog powered by Cage Riot
Photo Courtesy of Ben Murphy

Ben Murphy is on “The Edge” and tells us about some emotional turbulence with this rock-infused release.

There is an 80s feel and I definitely get some Eddie Money and Steeley Dan vibes. There is a hint or wisp of those bands, but Ben Murphy is not doing anything but delivering a brand-new sound.

I really enjoyed it when the tempo picked up, it gets your anxiety heightened with the lyrics “It’s just another night out, seems like this every time now”. I think we’ve all been there when we realize that we are getting close to the edge and maybe a point of no return.

The next phase of this song is a softer and almost falsetto delivery. It calms you a bit only to bounce back and Ben hits us with explaining his method singing to us, “Scared of this anger, I go out drinking, I go out fighting”.

Ben Murphy "The Edge" - The Cage, a music blog powered by Cage Riot
Photo Courtesy of Ben Murphy

In an interview Ben was quoted “Forcing myself to go out to gigs to meet and ask strangers if they'd work with me, it took so much out of me I’d have to drink before to get the courage to even speak. This eventually led to me missing the train. Then the cycle repeated itself, daily”. This song has a message that the way we try to manage our stress can sometimes cause a bigger backlash than the actual stress itself. Very well-written and storied song. “Can you bring me baaaack”, he sings. One more time the almost-falsetto (my new made-up term) returns and the song rises high in what emulates a fuller and almost orchestral wave of musicians tightly bound together, yet each instrument stands alone within itself. This will be a great listen live, but you don't have to wait, right now check out “The Edge” by Ben Murphy on all platforms.

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