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Baby AK (ft. Glooms) “Pick up the Pieces” is the Collaboration of the Year!

Scene: Anywhere in the world (because Ye could be there) “Mr. West, Mr. West, Mr. Fresh (this is MY story and that’s the lyric I chose from “Good Morning”- no matter how mad Ye gets). Ye: “Why are you interrupting me?”

“…. Mr. Ye, you told us to tell you when a song rivaled your … your abilities sir….” Ye - flips Gucci diamond embedded table… “Who?!!!”.

Baby AK and Glooms that's who.

Side note: Don’t listen to this collaboration from Baby AK and Glooms titled “Pick up the Pieces”, without a proper medium. Car sound system, over-ear headphones, 15-inch woofers… etc, go big….but..there’s more - the music video is also kick ass. The visuals are actually wonderful. I absolutely loved the roses.

I may have started off let's be jokey-jokey ha ha ha ab the song, but let's put an end to that rn, this song’s no fucking joke and is literally awesome.

Synths, like any other instrument, not properly arranged literally sound like shit; but when properly arranged sticks in your brain like a licked lollipop in your deep pile carpet. This banger is a wet lollipop all right. There’s really no way for me to say how unusual it is for me to be this impressed by a synth. Baby AK and Glooms didn’t stop there. The guitar played by Baby AK (Andre Mohring) is literally propelling the synths and the synths are also harmonies of the guitars. (It’s the "you don’t know you’re beautiful" …that's what makes you beautiful paradox). The track has been on repeat probably 20 times and it’s still not long enough. Now add Screamo lyrics pleasurably delivered by Glooms -that if were tangible would be a lion tearing the flesh off of its still wailing live kill. It’s a pain my ears loved. If slightly loving pain or pure masochism is something you have found then this track on repeat may be for you. This song is the first song of my new playlist TSMMD (this song made my day) that I will be debuting soon.

I do want a remix. Only because I used to DJ house music in clubs with no lights and a beat that started at 9 pm and went on for 10 hours with maybe 3 lyrics sung all night in total. This song would IMMEDIATELY be known by melody alone and that’s a DJs DREAM to lift the club's dance floor to the skies with a needle and vinyl (we are in 1985 in this part) and a badass track like this. I’m not even sure if this song isn’t a secret MK Ultra message.

I command you to listen/watch this track!!!!!

Ok. Yup, I’ve been hypnotized….join me my pretties!!!



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