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Arrows latest single “Another Avenue” featuring Riya Duggal

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

The Cage, Cage Riot Music Group - Collaborative music project Arrows kick starts 2023 with new single “Another Avenue” featuring Riya Duggal The track, produced by Jason D’Souza
Jason D'Souza , Riya Duggal, David Britto - Photo Credit: Ronit Sarkar

Arrows latest single “Another Avenue” featuring Riya Duggal is a song that has swagger and a certain wackiness to it.

Since the time Mumbai-based musician and music journalist David Britto took off with his solo independent project “Arrows' ' back in 2019 he’s had an explosion of hit singles like “Hello Cheater, Buried To Dust, To Your World”.. David has successfully found the ingredients to come up with music that’s fun, loud and timeless. Songs that sound hysterically amusing and effortless are a timestamp of his creative ingenuity. He’s occasionally tweaked around genres and notions that fit into his visions.

Now returning with his latest single “Another Avenue” he’s seemingly putting out a benchmark to be followed. With a mixture of power-pop and rock essentials “Another Avenue” is certainly an unabashed classic.

The song features Riya Duggal who’s taken up the vocal duties. The song starts with a hooky funk guitar riff that gingerly creeps in, meeting Duggal’s glistening and crisp vocals as she elegantly sings “You know it’s hard sometimes, to get you off my mind…” It's clear that she’s of great import, catering her listeners. Glued with a singalong bass line, which follows her vocals throughout.

Talking about it, Britto said, “The bass line for “Another Avenue” was the first piece of music I wrote for Arrows in 2018.” To complete the arrangement, the song has a very 80s sounding electrifying drums that subtly sticks out, echoing behind.

Arrows - David Britto, The Cage a music blog by Cage Riot
Arrows AKA David Britto

“Another Avenue'' has a certain swagger and bravado to it, without trying too hard. The music matches the uncertainty of the lyrics. Duggal’s vocals are shining bright, like a blast of pop dust sprinkled over. Moreover Britto roped in Jason D’Souza who has produced, mixed and mastered the song. A song whose arrangement conveys the sensation of being passionate and infatuated. They have crafted the entire song into a head-bobbing, pop, rock perfection. For the artwork they have Erika Besterwitch and the text design was done by Tanvi Shah, a complete teamwork pushing the song to the boundaries.

On working with Jason and Riya, David said, “I’ve adored the work both Jason and Riya have done in their respective careers. I’ve followed Jason’s stint in music from his time in various bands as a guitarist as well as his work as a producer for some of my favorite Indian records. I’ve known Riya for close to 10 years now and I’ve always admired her work ethic and her ability as a vocalist to make melodies sound so sweet. It is a pleasure to have worked with both of them.” Together the group have created something magical and precise that’s totally gratifying. “Another Avenue” is a brilliant song with a certain wackiness to it.

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