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Apollo Rising Shares an 80s Film Noir Style Music Video - "Cherry Blossom"

Updated: Apr 25

Apollo Rising  "Cherry Blossom"  The Cage, a music blog powered by Cage Riot
Photo Courtesy of Apollo Rising

Let's start with, forgive me, the writer because I am going to bounce all over, allowing you to experience the same excitement I felt when I experienced this song, fuck AI and let's go raw and real human brain with the experience of this track together.

With a solid actual guitar-bassy opening, "Cherry Blossom" by Apollo Rising, aka Danick Coutu, has a powerful grab-you-by-the-ears start. The vocal switch to falsetto adds a cake-like layer of variety. It has so many intricate sections that blend yet stand separate, which I loved. Gordon Ramsey would say, "What is this?" then pause and say, "Bravo, it's delectable." (I know you got worried for a second there, lol!!)

The combined use of the indie vibe with a techno-pop sound is not some groundbreaking use of genre fusion, but it's done so well that it feels brand new to me, which is a huge win in my book.

Has anyone coined the term "stripped techno" yet? (me a trailblazer? - I don't know, maybe I can take credit) Let's go textbook technical. Apollo Rising uses a sound that suggests a minimalist approach to the techno elements, allowing other aspects of the music, such as vocals or instrumentation, to take center stage. HA! I sound like a classroom professor discussing laying down the vibe of this track. (still, all the credit goes to Cherry Blossom; the performance utterly inspired me)

Navigating different genres and elements with a bold line between each one is where Apollo Rising chose to hit with this track, and it smacks you right where your brain wants to be smacked. The sounds are downright titillating and soothing; it's audio Rohypnol.

Let's dissect some of the lyrics:

The view is so scenic

I'm walking on a cloud

Don't tell me I'm dreaming

I've never heard this sound

What is this feeling?

I feel it all around

I'm floating so high now

I'm never coming down

(referencing above) I'm loving the direct connection between the fluid and drug-like feel to an explanation of the same with this verse.

Don't let me go

Just hold me close

You keep warm

You give me hope

We break our bread

Our final toast

A foggy light

Through distant smoke

(referencing above) So here... the lyrics change from dreamy to love-based and emotional; just like the layers of music, the layers of lyrics are separate and unique.

Now… hard stop! (I love Erin- the world's managerial manager of managerial operations). I cannot spoil this song and reveal any more to you except that this shit goes SIDEWAYS, and when you watch the video, the twist and turn (only one needed) is exciting, and the acting by the objects of this song is fantastic!

Apollo Rising shares, "Cherry Blossom is a narrative-driven video based on 80s "film noir" movies. Shot in the edgy and concrete architecture of Montréal, Canada. Set to release on November 29th. The narrative follows the story of a down-on-his-luck private detective, Alex Horne, played by Danick Coutu (Apollo Rising), as he tries to get by and survive in this dystopian version of 80s Montréal. One night, Detective Horne opens a mystery letter containing an image of "Mystery Girl," played by model Sasu Isokpan, with a message and a large sum of money."

I will say this clearly: do not miss watching this video; I see a full-on producer, screenwriter, and actor all together here. This will be one of many exciting releases from Apollo Rising.

Check this shit out "Cherry Blossom" by Apollo Rising today.

Apollo Rising  "Cherry Blossom"  The Cage, a discovery music blog powered by Cage Riot
Photo courtesy of Apollo Rising

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