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Unleashing the Brilliance: Molly's Game - A Testament to Hello Amnesia's Production and Arrangement

Updated: Apr 25

HELLO AMNESIA  "Molly's Game"  The Cage, a music blog powered by Cage Riot -  Craig Claro, Editor
Photo courtesy of Hello Amnesia

Hello Amnesia drops “Molly's Game” and its energy is unleashed! Infectious and dreamy all at the same time,

Hello Amnesia combines gritty rock guitar riffs and a whole heaping load of funk that gives you a blast of excitement. “Molly’s Game” wastes no time in ripping open the lungs of singer Sean Arkess to blast the masses with this hot track.

All hailing from London, the rest of the band consists of Wes Burton on Bass, Marco Ragozza on Keys & BV’s, Kaan Yurdakul on guitar & BV’s, and Samuel Oliveira on Drums. Combined they deliver an electrifying performance that is more exciting because of the clean engineering and well mastered and mixed track. The positive energy that floats off this track is impossible to miss.

I cannot even begin to imagine the crowd's response and engagement in a live venue setting with this band if they sound this good on a recording. Listening to this track gives off so many classic band vibes where the multi-layered instrument-laden tracks surround the listener and then the drops and swells roll you like an emotional coaster that then gets topped by a screaming guitar solo. I do believe a hint of Queen and Bohemian Rhapsody was sprinkled in the song with its strong background vocals acting as a springboard for the fireball of Sean's vocals. It's a track a true funk and rock lover will appreciate.

Check out 'Molly's Game' by Hello Amnesia today on all major platforms

HELLO AMNESIA "Molly's Game"  The Cage, a music blog powered by Cage Riot
Photo courtesy of Hello Amnesia

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