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Unleash the Spirit of Raving Ghost with Olivia Jean

Photo credit: Erica Salazar

By: Sophie Ray

The renowned garage rocker, Olivia Jean, has just put out her third solo album Raving Ghost.

To introduce the record to the world, she has released a visualizer for the standout track "I Need You" on YouTube.

Olivia Jean has once again amazed us with her miraculous work on Raving Ghost. This album has taken the classic 'retro-surf' sound to a whole new level and is one of the most dynamically intense pieces of music ever produced by this remarkable artist. The 11 distinctive and powerful songs take the listeners on a mysterious journey, through the tales of cursed lovers, women escaping unseen forces, and doomed souls. It is a realm of danger and surrealism. Her melodic take on music is evident from her works with the Black Belles and providing her with many successful tours as a session/touring musician. The evidence is she leaves her audience spellbound.

Olivia Jean experienced her first inclination toward music when she was growing up on the outskirts of Detroit. Her fascination mainly stayed with the 1960s instrumental surf bands. Starting from her childhood, Olivia was heavily inspired by the Detroit garage rock scene and decided to take guitar lessons to pursue her passion. Her enthusiasm for creating instrumental surf music at an early age was what motivated her to begin recording tracks. Despite the difficulty of the journey and all the effort she put in her self-recorded demo became a reality resulting in Third Man Records signing off on The Black Belles.

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