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Tv Girl's Sold Out Chicago Show with Sydney Gish

Updated: May 31, 2023

Courtesy of Reddit

Brad Petering on Vocals, Wyatt Harmon on keyboard, Jason Wyman on drums, along with Zoe Zeeman on her bass, delivered an exceptional show this past Tuesday. The Band, TV Girl, gained its popularity almost overnight off the app TikTok, where the song “Not Allowed” went viral. After thousands of people used the song, the band's name grew immensely which caused tickets here at Radius in Pilsen Chicago to sell out.

Photo Credit Daya Rodriguez

The Kickass show started with Sydney Gish as the opener where she played songs from her album No Dogs Allowed. The band then started off their show by playing songs from French exit. Wyatt Harmon was the real catch of the show, he kept it fun and never stopped dancing, all while playing the keyboard and having control of the beat pad. Brad on the other hand kept things exciting, not only did he drink a bottle of rose wine throughout the entire performance, but he would tell stories between his songs that kept the crowd laughing and engaged.

Photo credit Daya Rodriguez

It was a great turn out of a concert, The energy was at an all-time high throughout the night. Being able to watch it from barricade definitely added to the experience. Hearing Lovers rock, cigarettes out the window, and birds don’t sing (which are some of my favorites), live, will always be a night to remember. If you thought the band was good, just wait till you see them live. They’re not like any other band I have seen perform. You can tell they’re extremely passionate about the music they sing and the instruments they play. After the show, they made sure to interact with fans, Jason even threw his drum sticks out into the crowd. The band was selling merch in the back, where you could pick up T-shirts and vinyl of all their albums.

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