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TikTok Viral Pop Star Natalie Jane Releases Raw Single, “Mentally Cheating”

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

 Natalie Jane _ Cage Riot _ The Cage Music Blog

Photo Credit: Amanda Belawski

18-year-old rising pop star Natalie Jane released her highly anticipated and viral single, “Mentally Cheating”. The hugely relatable anthem touches on the lure of temptation towards the end of a relationship, and is already a phenomenon on TikTok via multiple teasers, resulting in more than 6M likes, 115K pre-saves, and 25K shares.

The piano-driven verses truly showcase Natalie Jane’s songwriting talent.

“I think I shouldn’t be looking in those eyes, why do they give me butterflies?” the New Jersey teenager ponders over striking chords.

As you listen to these verses, you have no idea what the chorus will bring - but that is the fun of listening to it for the first time. The chorus hits and you are overtaken with the power and clarity of the beat and message.

Natalie Jane - Cage Riot

It’s no wonder the chorus garnered attention across social media platforms prior to its release. Natalie Jane is particularly active on TikTok, where her raw, heartfelt original songs and stunning cover versions have earned her more than 1.5M followers and over 40M likes.

“Mentally Cheating” follows a series of hit independent releases from Natalie that includes “Kind of Love”(7M+ Spotify streams), “Bloodline,” and “Red Flag.” Those songs established the breakout star’s knack for brutally honest, unfiltered lyrics and irresistible pop hooks. It’s a skill set she has acquired through years of experience.

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